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‣ Parent Classes Offered Second Monday of every month 6PM - 8PM.

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Class Schedule

Class Time: 10 AM - 4:45 PM

Winter Class

Black Friday
Christmas Break
FEB Break

Spring Class

APR Break

Summer Class

Memorial Day Weekend
4th Monday of JUN
2nd Monday of JUL
4th Monday of JUL
2nd Monday of AUG
4th Monday of AUG

Fall Class

Labor Day Weekend
Columbus Day Weekend


Driver's ED Program

  • 30 Hours in Class Lessons
  • 12 Hours in Car Instruction
  • 6 Hours of Observation
  • 2 Hours Parent Class
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Private Lesson

  • 1 Hour Driving Lesson
  • 6 Hour Driving Lessons
  • 12 Hours Driving Lessons
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Road Test Sponsorship

  • Group Road Test
  • Road Test at RMV


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Driver's ED Program?A complete Driver’s Education Program for Junior Operator (16 years 6 months to 18 Years) required by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. If you are under 18 and looking to get Driving License, this is the program you must take it. We teach Teen Students year-round. We also offer a One-week class and Three-Week Evening class. Visit the webpage or call to learn when the next session starts.
How long do I have to complete Driver's ED Program?Two years from the date of your first lesson.
Do I get a discount on my insurance premium?Get between 10% to 15% discount on your Personal Automobile Insurance Premium.
Can I take only class lessons?Yes, however, you must complete each component within the lessons.
When can I start Drivers Ed?At the age of 15 years and 9 months old.
When will I be eligible for Junior Operator License?You will be eligible for when you become 16 1/2 years old with completing a certified Driver's ED course and Your Learner's Permit should be clean for six months from date of issue.
If I drive my parent’s car, does it increase their insurance premium?No.
How many hours of supervised driving do I need with my parents / guardians?You must legally practice driving 40 hours with your parents / guardians.
Do I need a paper copy of my driver’s education certificate?No, The RMV will keep record on the system.
Do the fees for the Driver's ED Classes cover my license costs?No, the fees do not cover the cost of your license cost. Those must be paid separately.
How long after I get my JOL will I be able to drive with passenger under the age 18?After 6 months.
What if I have an 18-year-old next to me, does that count as an adult?No, An adult is someone who must be 21 years or older and has been driving at least for one year.
Will the school issue my license when I finish driver’s education?No, only the RMV issues permits and licenses.